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        Class of 2014-2015

        PBA President Welcomes PBA Bar Leadership Institute Class of 2014-2015

        From left, PBA President Francis X. O'Connor, Elizabeth Burton, BLI Committee Co-chair Charles Eppolito III, Kristina DeSenze, Kristen Hamilton, Nefertiri Sickout, Jason Owen, Antonio Michetti, Samuel Yamron, Elizabeth Triscari, Sherri Hurst, Kathryn Urbanowicz, Jeremy Clark and BLI Committee Co-chair Kathy Manderino

        PBA Bar Leadership Institute Class of 2014-2015
        Read the media release on the following 11 participants named to the 2014-2015 Bar Leadership Institute (BLI) class:
        Elizabeth Burton; The Law Office of Elizabeth Burton, Greentown
        Jeremy F. Clark; Attorney at Law, Easton
        Kristina DeSenze; Berman & Asbel, Media
        Kristen Hamilton; Stiltner, Taccino and Hamilton, Chambersburg
        Sherri Hurst; Bowers and Fawcett, LLC, Ambridge
        Antonio Michetti; Diehl, Dluge, Jones & Michetti, Sunbury
        Jason Owen; Yochim, Skiba & Nash, Erie
        Nefertiri Sickout; Pepper Hamilton LLP, Philadelphia
        Elizabeth Triscari; Office of Small Business Advocate, Harrisburg
        Kathryn Urbanowicz; Centre County Public Defender Office, Bellefonte
        Samuel Yamron; Law Office of Samuel I. Yamron, Pittsburgh

        The criteria for inclusion in the class is a demonstration of leadership ability in some capacity, a willingness to make the time commitment to the seven-month program and age 38 years or younger or have practiced five years or less.



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