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        Class of 2015-2016

        PBA President Pugh Welcomes Bar Leadership Institute Class of 2015-2016

        PBA President William H. Pugh V welcomed the recently selected BLI Class of 2015-2016 at the YLD Summer Meeting/New Admittee Conference held at Seven Springs, Aug. 5-7, 2015. Shown here during the event are, from left (front row), C. David Pedri, Jennifer Menichini, Tiffany L. Cummings, Laura L. Smith, Anthony M. Hoover, Valerie N. Sylves and Patrick J. Gallo Jr.; (back row) BLI Committee Co-chairs Charles Eppolito III and Lisa M. Benzie, Tyesha C. Miley, PBA Zone 6 Gov. James R. Antoniono, Katherine P. Berquist, Aaron N. Holt and PBA President Pugh.

        PBA Bar Leadership Institute Class of 2015-2016
        Read the media release on the following 11 participants named to the 2015-2016 Bar Leadership Institute (BLI) class:

        Katherine P. Berquist, Weinheimer, Schadel & Haber PC, Pittsburgh
        Tiffany L. Cummings, Tiffany L. Cummings LLC, Mansfield
        Patrick J. Gallo Jr., MacElree Harvey Ltd., West Chester
        Aaron N. Holt, Dauphin County Public Defender's Office, Harrisburg
        Anthony M. Hoover, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC, Harrisburg
        Jennifer Menichini, Greco Law Associates PC, Scranton
        Tyesha C. Miley, Law Offices of TCM & Associates, Philadelphia
        Patrina A. Ozurumba, Stevens & Lee PC, King of Prussia
        C. David Pedri, Luzerne County Solicitor, Wilkes-Barre
        Laura L. Smith, York County Bar Association, York
        Valerie N. Sylves, The Law Office of Valerie N. Sylves LLC, Meadville

        The criteria for inclusion in the class is a demonstration of leadership ability in some capacity, a willingness to make the time commitment to the seven-month program and age 38 years or younger or have practiced five years or less.



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