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        Pro Bono Month

        Save the Date for the 11th Annual National Celebration of Pro Bono
        October 20-26, 2019

        The PBA does so much for Pro Bono Week that we call all of October Pro Bono Month
        — our slogan is Every Day is Pro Bono Day!

        The PBA is proud to join with the American Bar Association to encourage you to plan and participate in events focused on domestic violence as part of the 2019 National Celebration of Pro Bono.

        Pennsylvania events can be found at https://www.paprobono.net/calendar/ The governor, Senate and House will be sending out resolutions supporting the event soon.

        The legal needs of the poor in Pennsylvania are local issues, with great variation across our commonwealth. Although nationwide in its origin, and statewide in its implementation, this celebration is intended to have a local focus and impact. Goals for the celebration include:
        1. Recruiting more pro bono volunteers and increasing legal services to poor and vulnerable people;
        2. Mobilizing community support for pro bono;
        3. Fostering collaborative relationships; and
        4. Recognizing the pro bono efforts of Pennsylvania's lawyers, judges and others.

        The PBA works with the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network to maintain a listing of events for Pro Bono Week as well as the rest of October.

        The PBA has resolved to designate the last week of every October as Pennsylvania Pro Bono Week, and the PBA Board of Governors has directed that a copy of the resolution be forwarded to the governor, the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts and the General Assembly asking that they officially acknowledge Pennsylvania Pro Bono Week each year. This year Pennsylvania Pro Bono Week will be celebrated the week beginning Oct. 20, in conjunction with the American Bar Association.

        Past National Pro Bono Week Celebrations



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        Phone: 800-932-0311

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