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        By action of the Pennsylvania Bar Association House of Delegates meeting May 14, 2010, the PBA adopted the Pennsylvania Lawyers United for Sustainability (PLUS) Program, which provides Pennsylvania attorneys and law firms an opportunity to demonstrate publicly their commitment to environmental sustainability in their professional practices. The House also gave the go-ahead to the PBA Environmental and Energy Law Section to advertise the PLUS Program and make the program's guidelines and pledge form available here on the PBA website.

        In 2009, in response to requests from within the Environmental and Energy Law Section, the section formed a committee to develop a program through which Pennsylvania attorneys and law firms could demonstrate their commitment to sustainability in their professional practices. That program, named the Pennsylvania Lawyers United for Sustainability or PLUS Program, was modeled after similar programs established by the California, Oregon, Massachusetts and Washington State bar associations.

        As noted in the American Bar Association's Sustainability Policy, initiatives such as the PLUS Program can strengthen the reputation of firms and help them increase their efficiency, productivity, and employee recruitment and retention. The program can also help align law firms with the growing number of current and potential clients who are embracing sustainable practices in a meaningful way.

        Get the Guidelines
        The PLUS Program guidelines were developed with input from the PBA Law Practice Management Office and offer suggestions and provide specific examples to program participants on how to make their law practices more sustainable. The guidelines cover five separate areas: (1) energy savings, (2) paper reduction, (3) recycling and waste reduction, (4) transportation and (5) sustainable purchasing. Click here for the guidelines.

        Complete the Pledge Form
        The PLUS Program is voluntary and self-monitored. Participating attorneys and law firms are asked to complete a pledge form indicating their commitment to the program. Click here to access, complete and submit electronic form.

        The Environmental and Energy Law Section encourages participants to advertise their pledge in support of the PLUS Program.

        Get the list of PLUS Program participants (current as of April 2017) and read more about the program below.



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