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        Videos for Lawyers Starting Solo and Small Firm Practices

        This collection of videos offers basic advice for lawyers considering opening their own solo practice or small firm. The videos capture highlights of a presentation made on Oct. 23, 2018, at Widener Commonwealth Law School in Harrisburg. The presenters include the following leaders of the Solo and Small Firm Section:

        • Sara A. Austin, 2018-19 Chair
        • Jennifer L. Ellis, 2018-19 Chair-elect
        • Mary E. Schellhammer, 2018-19 Vice Chair
        • Kim L. Lengert, 2018-19 Immediate Past Chair

        These sample videos are available without a required member login:

        Introduction to the Professionalism Series

        Introduction to the Hot Tips Series

        Hot Tip: Structuring Your Law Firm

        PBA members can access all remaining videos after logging in.



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