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        PBA Media Awards

        Established 40 years ago by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the PBA Media Awards (formerly known as the William A. Schnader Print Media Awards) recognize journalistic excellence in news and feature reporting in broadcast, print and podcast media of the legal system and its operations. The competition also honors editorials and commentaries.

        PBA Media Awards honor journalists who accomplish the following through their work:

        • Foster greater public understanding of our legal system
        • Inform and educate citizens as to the roles of society and the law, the courts, law enforcement agencies and the legal profession
        • Disclose practices or procedures needing correction or improvement so as to encourage and promote efforts to improve and modernize our laws, courts and law enforcement agencies

        New for 2019!

        The categories for PBA Media Awards have been revised and expanded. In addition to print, journalists are now encouraged to enter categories for television, radio and podcasts. These are the new categories:

        • Newspapers: 30,000 or More Circulation
        • Newspapers: Under 30,000 Circulation
        • Editorial/Commentary
        • TV: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Markets
        • TV: All Other Pa. Markets (not including Philadelphia and Pittsburgh)
        • Radio and Podcasts: All Pa. Markets

        Here is more information about the 2019 competition.

        2019 Entry Rules, Categories for Journalists 

        2019 Online Entry Form for Journalists

        2019 Call for Nominations from PBA Members

        Past Award Winners

        The competition is funded by the law firm of Pietragallo Gordon Alfano Bosick & Raspanti LLP and is coordinated by the PBA Bar/Press Committee.



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